Industry 4.0 & Data Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the concept of an ecosystem where objects communicate with computers through sensors. Due to the development of Internet access, this idea has gained recognition among companies and is indicated as one of the most important development points of the global economy. The number of data is still growing, and thanks to the ecosystem it is possible to collect, process and personalize it conveniently. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to increase the involvement of customers and guarantee them added value.

These are systems that enable the collection and analysis of data describing the functioning of machines and devices. It does not matter if they are functionalities of an aeroplane engine or a wind turbine, the idea behind it is the same. The measurement data collected by the sensors are sent to the central system, where they are stored and analyzed. On their basis, analytical models are developed, thanks to which it is possible, inter alia, to predicting failure occurrences, collecting information on machine malfunctions or their ineffective use. Thanks to this data, it is possible to develop automation and build an intelligent system able to react immediately in the event of irregularities. For business, this means minimizing downtime and optimizing the activities of service teams.

Data management – Manage all IoT measurement data in one place. Take advantage of the ease of access to data to maximize your efficiency. Remember that you are in full control of your data.
Unlimited storage – Unlimited cloud storage capacity ensures that you never run out of space for your data. Our cloud IT allows you to view all collected historical data via the app or browser.
Open API – Our free RESTful API gives you full access to our platform. It will allow you to build your own applications and access data safely.
Data analysis and visualization – Use convenient data analysis and visualization tools to get the most out of your data. Analyze trends and compare data with each other.
Real-time alerts – Our fully customizable notification system will notify you via in-app alerts or via e-mail as soon as any indicators exceed the thresholds you have set.
security of stored data
Safe access – Our platform has been designed to ensure the security of all stored data. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about unauthorized access or other security breaches.

Big data relates large-volume and complex datasets with multiple independent sources, in itself is worthless and requires data analysis to retrieve or acquire intelligence from the data and help in decision-making. Big Data processes or pipeline of extracting insights can be divided in two sub-processes: data management and data analytics. Data management and data analytics can be troublesome because it often involves the heterogeneous collection and storage of mixed data based on different patterns or rules.

Big Data Management provides support for big content and high stream throughput in all the components in the automated pipeline. It allows data to be stored across multiple regions, it scales infinitely to petabytes and beyond, and it offers customizable metadata to aid with retrieving files.

Data Integration – Achieve fast, flexible, and repeatable data integration and ingestion at scale.

Data Preparation – Intelligently find and prepare trusted data for your analytics and AI/ML projects.

Data Quality – Delivers fit-for-purpose big data, with a scalable, role based data quality environment.

Data Masking – Protects unauthorized access to and disclosure of sensitive, private, and confidential information.

Data Catalog – Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

Cloud Mass Ingestion – Efficiently ingest streaming data and move it to other targets for real-time analytics.

Data Streaming – Power real-time analytics with code-less IoT and stream processing.